How resilient are you?

Resilience is the ability to bounce back when faced with set-backs, to turn adversity into advantage and threat into opportunity. And the good news is, it's a package of skills and behaviours that you can develop, whatever your age, circumstance or experience.

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Following extensive reviews of existing literature in 2008, Nicholson McBride's research - nowcomprising nearly 40,000 responses - has revealed five key elements of resilience.

  • optimism
  • solution orientation
  • individual accountability
  • openness & flexibility
  • managing stress & anxiety

Find out how you score & what you can do about it.

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Many organisations are already successfully using the RQ as part of their training programmes. Of course, it’s what people do after completing this questionnaire that matters. Nicholson McBride consultants can support your individuals and teams by providing in-depth debrief and coaching sessions following the online exercise.

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Whether you are a coach working independently or an L&D specialist delivering training within an organisation, you can be certified by Nicholson McBride to deliver resilience training, use the RQ and debrief the personalised reports.

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